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sausalito floating home tour


Stroll the 'Docks of the Bay' where wooden boats and historic vessels lead the way! 

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon of storytelling woven together with art, philosophy, music, dance and song. Salty waterfront tales told through the eyes of insider, Victoria Colella, a local Sausalito artist, and author of the Sausalito Wooden Boat Tour guide book.

the floating works of art inside Sausalito's infamous house boat communities.

Sausalito, the first town north over the Golden Gate Bridge, has a rich and varied nautical history. Take the world class ferry boat ride from San Francisco, California to Sausalito where you will pass Alcatraz Island, Angle Island and the Golden Gate Bridge.

The tour begins overlooking Richardson's Bay and Mount Tamalpias as your guide gives a brief overview of Sausalito's nautical history. Understand how wooden boat building has influenced the development of the town. The oldest surviving wooden hulled ferryboat on the West coast is first on the route. As we move from dock to dock you will hear a complete explanation of how these communities evolved. Permission to be creative and expressive is the order of the day, so don't be surprised if you find yourself dancing about and reciting Bohemian philosophies!

sausalito sea chanrty

"Fairytale people of legend and lore
live in the boats that sprinkle the shore..."

- Sausalito Sea Chanty

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